THE VIEW COLLECTION THE COLLECTION TO HAVE The View Collection is a Prime Publishing Media House thats publishes a line of magazines ranging from technology, lifestyle and business and other publications. Our companies portfolio includes: Enterprise View, Tech View, View, College View, Kids View, fashion brands, entertainment productions, The magazine division produces magazines for audiences in technology, business and lifestyle sectors
PUBLISHING HOUSE The View is a corporation that focuses on publishing of books, text books, magazines, catalogues, brochures and newsletters. We a have team that consists of content makers, graphic designers, researchers and editors that work day & to ensure the prescribed publication is ready on time. The enterprise concentrates its resources to all forms publications, be online or print. Our magazines are segmented for separate groups of people with different needs all over the country.

The View collection has a division that designs & publishes external publication from its own varying from large variety genres such as magazines, newspapers, books, journals, poetry, bibles, catalogues, company profiles, annual reports, recipe books, commercial journals and product booklets. These printed publications are specially tailored for that specific company whereas our team will ensure whilst you take care of your business we take of your publication.


From time to time the world produces Picasso’s and William Shakespeare’s, writers out there desiring to publish their work. We will browse through transcripts, proof read, edit your work and prepare it to be published. After we prepared your transcripts we will then design the layout and have a look and feel touch to the final product before it goes to shelf.


Not every book is a novel or philosophical volume; other books are study guides and educational text books prepared for schools colleges and universities. These are sensitive publications where precision is of high importance and certifying that your publication copy writes is not infringed we will personally guarantee your documentation doesn’t falls into the wrong hands.

  • Entertainment and lifestyle
  • Health & Beauty
  • Pregnancy
  • Fashion
  • Weddings
  • Travel & Food
  • Home Decor
  • Try and Buy
  • Latest Tech News
  • Software
  • Mobile Tech
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • African Economy
  • Business News
  • Business Tools
  • Business Opportunities
  • Student News
  • Student Life
  • Student opportunities
  • Preschool Workbooks
  • Primary Workbooks
  • Child development
  • Maths, English, Geometry, puzzles, colouring, drawing, communication, problem solving...

Organizations continue to expand the information grows & as this happens the company gets to an angle where they need to promote themselves thus the need to compile and publish a company profile. The profile can also be used to market the business or organization and allow future clients to have confidence in doing business with company. Here within our cooperation we will custom design a theme for your profile and ensure assurance is a serenity with future customers.


Be a community magazine or new publication magazine from a startup company craving to break the ice in the ever growing digital world we live in. We utilize our resources to compact your publication and ensure it is ready for the consumer. We will also help you identify the right LCM target to ensure your hard work doesn’t go in vein because being able to recognize the right client to whom the magazine is directed too is off the high importance.

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